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An Experience of Coaching: My Gift to You


Curious about working with me as your coach? Learn more by sitting down with me for a coaching conversation. We’ll talk about what you want for your life, and the things that would have to change for you to unlock your dreams. I’ll coach you on the issue that’s on the top of your mind, and at the end of our conversation, I’ll propose something that I think will help. It might be more coaching with me, and we’ll talk about what that would look like and the best ways for us to work together. It might also be a different resource – another coach or a book or other source of related information. This initial conversation,

which could be in person or by phone, would run about 90 minutes and be my gift to you.


To schedule, click the button below and select the "Coaching Conversation: An Experience of Coaching" Option under the free selections.





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