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Some Stories of Coaching

A client I'll call Lieutenent Uhura (because that's not her name) was struggling with a job that wasn't working well for her. Her heart was much more with her family, and the kids who won't be living at home forever. Our work together allowed me to support her desire to have a job that allows her to focus on the things that really are important to her, and to continue to remember how that shift serves who she is, even if it confuses some of the other people in her life.


A client I'll call John Crichton was at a crossroads in his life. He's looking for the next step on his life and career path, and weighing a number of different possibilities without feeling really confident that he knows what he wanted next. As we worked togther, he was able to identify patterns in his thinking and begin to feel more confident as he made choices about his future.


A client I'll call Starbuck was struggling with a non-traditional relationship style. She worried a little that some coaches might judge her decisions around her ethically non-monogamous relationships. As we worked together, she began to feel more confident listening to herself about what was right for her, and become more honest and open with her partners about what she needed from them, and what she was willing to give within each relationship.

How Coaching Can Help


We all face challenges and transitions in our lives. The best answer for you is in there somewhere, and different people access those answers differently. For many people, having someone to talk things through with can be important. Finding the right person can be a challenge, though. Family members and close friends often have a stake in the outcome. Though they want the best for you, it’s impossible to ignore the simple fact that your decisions and direction will impact their lives.


That’s the value of a neutral party. I passionately want what is best for my clients. Even if it means change (which is scary and stressful). Even if it means less money for awhile (which is even more scary and stressful). Even if it means doing something that might shock and alarm the upstanding citizens around you (some upstanding citizens are in need of a good shocking, in my firm-but-humble opinion). Because I strongly believe that the path that feels right (not easiest, least scary, or safest, but right) is the path to take. It’s been true in my life, and I’ve seen it work in the lives of clients and friends, too. But I also believe that taking that unique right path can be the scariest thing you’ll ever do. Exhilarating, liberating, thrilling, wonderful, glorious – but terrifying. And having someone firmly in your corner throughout the journey can make it just enough easier that you can break through to that life that’s waiting for you and that fits you more comfortably than you thought possible.

My Coaching Style


If you want a kick in the ass, I’m not your girl. If, however, you have no trouble kicking yourself, but saying nice things to yourself seems to be a real challenge, maybe I can help.


I provide unflinching kindness and relentless compassion. A stubborn reminder that the world needs you to shows up fully and unapologetically as yourself, with all of your unique talents and gifts. Being in the world that way is never the easiest option, or the safest option, or the most comfortable option. Even figuring out that thing the world needs from you is hard (TOTALLY worthwhile, but hard). Having someone on your side doesn’t make it easy, but it can provide the support you need to feel like you aren't alone on this journey.

My Shock-Free Guarantee

If you can shock me with your heart’s desires or the life you want to live, your next session's free.


Seriously, bring it on...

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